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Seed Compound sorting machine

    The machine integrates lifting, screening, air separation (double air separation), dust removal, specific gravity, etc. It is widely used in grain selection and seed processing industries, which is suitable for the selective processing of commodity grains and seeds such as corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, millet, soybean, rape, etc.

Main characteristics:

Novel horizontal vibrating air screen technology is adopted in 5 XFZ - 15B compound sorting machine. It has main characteristics that vertical air screen one-time suspended settling separation is transformed into secondary suspension settlement separation. A vibrating screen refining conveyer is adopted. Materials are layered under the action of vibration and air flow. Lighter materials float at the top, the heavier materials settle down, which is beneficial for eliminating light materials. The horizontal vibrating air screen has higher cleaning effect and air volume utilization ratio than the vertical air screen under the same power fan as well as the same air volume and pressure parameters compared with the vertical air screen, and it belongs to the substitute technology of the vertical air screen.

Ÿ High technical content: it integrates the functions of wheat hulling ( awn removal for rice), feeding, wind separation, specific gravity separation, etc. The machine has high finished product purity and quality. Its comprehensive performance is in domestic advanced level.

Ÿ High productivity: it is characterized by fast processing speed, short cycle and high efficiency, which is especially suitable for purchasing processors, stir-fry enterprises and seed enterprises, etc.

Ÿ Wide adaptability: The machine has good cleaning effect on melon seeds (sunflower seeds, black melon seeds, white melon seeds, red melon seeds, etc.), beans, wheat, corn, rice and other granular materials.

Ÿ The product is green and environmental-friendly, which is equipped with a spiral dust removal system. Dust, light impurities and other materials can be settled and discharged in a centralized mode without pollution.

Ÿ The product is equipped with wheat hulling or rice awn removal devices. It is a multi-purpose machine.