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company culture

Ideas determine the way out  
–– Strategy determines the future
–– Attitude decides everything
–– Execution decides success or failure

Yiliang advocates establishing a sense of identity, pride and belonging to the company in the minds of all employees, forming a sense of responsibility, innovation, dedication and spirit, and cultivating each employee into a true business owner rather than simply The employment relationship is the essence of corporate culture, and seeking truth from facts is the norm of our behavior. 
Company vision: 
Yiliang people seek improvement in continuous improvement, seek development in continuous innovation, and continuously improve and innovate through the land, and enter the ranks of high-standard sheet metal manufacturing international enterprises. 
Company is pursuit: 
With Yiliang flexible and efficient operation mechanism, innovation, integrity, pragmatism, courageous team and highly responsible entrepreneurial spirit, we sincerely cooperate with customers to provide customers with high-quality comprehensive development and manufacturing services and improve their comprehensive competitiveness. And product value.
Company mission:
For customers: to provide advanced development and manufacturing services, to become a catalyst for rapid and healthy development of customers, and enhance product market competitiveness;
For employees: create opportunities, provide a stage, enhance employee capabilities and value, and improve work and quality of life;