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Requirements for the use and maintenance of seed selection machine


The seed selection machine has wide adaptability. By changing the sieve surface and adjusting the air flow, you can choose wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, beans, rape, feed and green manure.
The negligence of the use and maintenance requirements of this machine will affect the choice of quality. Main points of machine use and maintenance:
1. It is better to choose the machine for indoor operation. The parking space of the machine should be flat and firm. The parking position should consider the convenience of dust removal.
2. If the conditions are limited, you must work outdoors, find a sheltered place, and place the machine downwind to reduce the impact of wind on the selection effect. When installing a wind barrier, the wind speed should be greater than level 3.
3. When changing the variety, the machine must keep the internal grains and clean the machine. It will continue to operate at the same time for 5-10 minutes, and adjust the switch amount of the handle back and forth a few times to eliminate the deposition before the room. The flow of several deposition chambers can stop mechanical impurities, * the seeds and impurities on one screen remove the impurities from the unloading tank, then remove the screen surface and clean the screen.
4. For each operation, check whether the fastening screws are loose, whether the rotation is flexible, whether there is a normal sound, and whether the tension of the transmission belt is appropriate.
5. Lubrication point.
6. Cleaning and inspection should be performed after each operation, and the fault should be eliminated in time.
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