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Product features of seed selection machine


Product features of seed selection machine:
1. Mildew removal: This product is transported through a steel wire wheel, and the impurities on the grain surface are brushed off. It has the functions of rubbing, sieving, and air-drying to completely separate the quality of the grain and reduce the mycotoxin in the grain by more than 80%. The cleaned grain is shiny.
2. Large output: due to the use of upper and lower double specific gravity table structures, the specific gravity table width is 2.0 meters, and the primary processing of corn and other gross grains can reach 40-50 tons / hour, which is used to remove moldy grains and select processing It can reach 20-30 tons / hour.
3. High precision: This equipment is designed as a double specific gravity platform, which integrates the functions of negative pressure specific gravity and positive pressure specific gravity. The material is re-sorted twice to make the removal effect of moldy particles more excellent.
4.Environmental protection: The product is a fully enclosed structure. The suction hood configured on the upper specific gravity platform can absorb the wind force of the lower specific gravity platform at the same time, which can effectively collect the dust spilled from the material. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with a double-body spiral dust collector, which can more effectively Effectively purifies the air.
节能 5. Energy saving: The upper and lower specific gravity tables are designed as negative pressure specific gravity and positive pressure specific gravity respectively. The wind force of the negative pressure fan and the positive pressure fan forms a mutual borrowing state in series, which reduces the degree of wind energy loss, thereby reducing power consumption.
6. Self-vibration balance: The vibration directions of the upper and lower gravity platforms are opposite, and the inertia forces can cancel each other, making the equipment more stable.
7. Stable and reliable: The core point of the gravity platform adopts the most advanced Swiss technology for more stable performance.

8. Make full use of light impurities: This product considers the sorting of light impurities for customers. A small-scale vibrating sieve can re-separate small particles or fragments in light magazines for use.

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