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Teach you how to choose seed machinery?


The seed processing truck machinery is the operation of seed materials on the field, after the purity reaches 90% or more, and further processing for higher commercialization. The removal of various impurities in the seed material is the first step in commercialization of seed processing.
   It is hoped that the higher the purity of the seeds, the better, but the higher the difficulty, the more difficult it is, just like refining pure gold, only 99% or more, not 100%. Understanding and understanding this regularity is necessary for the scientific and rational selection of seed processing machinery.
    1. Seed impurities are strange and different in nature
    According to the geometric size, there are large and small impurities; according to the length and short, there are long and short impurities; according to the weight, there are light and heavy impurities. Even if it is light, there are still light weight, light density and relatively light impurities. The color is different, which is called heterochromic grain, and it is also a kind of seed impurity classification.
    The nature of the impurities is different, and the removal methods are different. Different removal methods necessarily require different principles of machinery, which determines the diversity of seed processing machinery. To buy machinery, to be practical, first of all, what are the properties of the main impurities, and strive to be targeted.
    2.General principles for purchasing machinery
    For different principles of seed machinery, the impurities or functions that are removed during the seed processing process are emphasized. Among them, the principles and types of cleaning machinery are more, and you should choose carefully. The general principles are as follows.
    (1) The clearer is significantly lighter in weight than the good seeds, and there is a significant difference between the size and the good seeds. The air-screen cleaning machine should be preferred. This machine is currently most commonly used.
    (2) If there is a significant difference in the size of the removal, and there are still long or short impurities that cannot be removed after the wind screening process, a socket-type selection machine should be selected.
    (3) After processing by air sieve type cleaning machine and nest eye type selection machine, the clarity has been significantly improved, and the particle size is relatively uniform, but there are still some such as dried grains, insect grains, ear rot grains in corn ; Dried pupal grains, worm sucking grains, husk grains in wheat; dried pupae grains, black powder disease grains, bud grains in rice; insect pupae grains, disease grains, wrinkled grains ... It is a kind of density impurity, which is often similar to, or even heavier than, good seeds in weight. Non-specific gravity selection machinery cannot be removed. With the development of the seed industry, the specific gravity type selection machinery is becoming more and more popular, and the operation difficulty is greater than that of the air screening type cleaning machine.
    Of course, some seeds need to be threshed, seeded, awned, fluffed, polished, and stoned before being cleaned, and then the corresponding machinery must be purchased for processing. If corn seeds are processed from ears, a threshing and cleaning machine should be selected; cotton seeds need to be velvet, and the most suitable velvet removal equipment should be selected;
    If the seeds have been selected and qualified, further processing is needed, such as mixing medicine, coating, pelleting, and measuring and packaging.