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Working principle of Grain Cleaning Machine


Working principle of Grain Cleaning Machine
Grain Cleaning Machine adopts the method of positive pressure, which utilizes the combined effect of airflow and vibration friction on the material. The material with larger specific gravity settles to the bottom layer, moves to the high place through the vibration friction of the screen surface, and the material with smaller specific gravity is suspended by the air flow. The surface of the layer flows downward to achieve the purpose of separation by specific gravity. This machine can effectively remove impurities in materials.
Advantages of Grain Cleaning Machine
Fast screening, clean selection, closed structure, clean and dust-free, suitable for indoor operation, easy to operate. Especially suitable for large and medium-sized livestock farms, it can quickly remove the granules of insects, rot, and mildew in the feed, effectively avoiding the malignant consequences of large numbers of deaths, infertility, etc.