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5XDC Soybean Belt Type Separator Machine for sale


Grain Seed Cleaning machine is professionally used for cleaning and grading seeds/grains. It can be customized. It is a primary equipment for grain cleaning.
Working principle  
Light impurities can be sucked out by the air cleaning system. After the left materials enter into vibratory sieving trunk, the large and small impurities will be removed and at the same time, the seed will be separated into different levels.
The grading and cleaning functions of vibratory sieve based on the geometrical size characteristic of seed, and change the sieves you can process all kinds of seeds.
 is used to separate round from other shaped seeds and beans, such as soybean, mung bean, red bean etc.
Soybean Belt Type Separator grade beans and provide a solution for remove split beans. Split bean have same gravity weight and similar thickness with unbroken bean, can not be easily separated by vibrate sieve machine and gravity separator.
5XDC Series belt type separator is a special separator for round beans, It has multi-layers, and used to remove half beans, damaged beans and other irregual partilces from round beans, like soybean, mung bean, red bean etc.