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5S-200 vegetable seed selection machine


Vegetable seed sorting machine

     The machine is based on the principle of generating particle and density segregation phenomena during granular material fluidizing. The air pressure, amplitude and other technical parameters are adopted for stratifying the materials through mutual transformation. Materials with large proportion can settle, and materials with small proportion can drift upwards. The seed sorting vehicle can be applied for discharging materials with different proportion from different parts after materials enter into the material discharge zone, thereby sorting seeds.

     The seed sorting vehicle is widely used in seed processing and grain processing industries. It has good selection effect on grain seeds, tree seeds, cotton oil seeds, etc., which can also be used for eliminating grass seeds, sand grains, stones and soil blocks with geometric size less than 2MM. The 1000-grain weight, germination rate, purity and uniformity of sorted seeds are significantly improved, especially the sorted wheat, corn, rice, cotton, sorghum, beans, rape, vegetables and other seeds can achieve better effect through sorting by the sorting vehicle after basic cleanin

      The seed sorting vehicle has the advantages of reasonable design, good technical index, high efficiency, easy operation, convenient movement, reliable operation and good generality. It is especially provided with a vibrator made of high-quality aluminium alloy materials. The machine is in the domestic advanced level.